Healing Raynaud's with Niacin

I think that everyone who has Raynaud's will benefit from taking Niacin, 500 milligrams, Twin Labs brand or other quality Niacin. It is available at the Vitamin Shoppe in the US. I take it three times daily, after breakfast, dinner and bedtime. It takes a while to get used to it, but keep a steady flow of niacin in your body to maintain circulation to fingers and toes. You will a warm flush as it opens up your blood vessels. Please read "Niacin, the Real Story" as it provides well researched information on dosage and safety. It has healed my finger ulcer. Even though I lost my fingernail, I am healing. I use vitamin e oil on my fingernails, toenails and face. You should be able to get it at the grocery store in your area. The Vitamin Shoppe also carries it.

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  • Helps me too!

  • Tell me about your situation and how Niacin helped you heal.

  • I've been ill 20 years with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. First raynauds, dermatomyositis then, Lyme, then ? Now three years of scl-70 being high and have always had my Ana positive . Was diagnosed with scleroderma. I am having other other issues as we speak with my heart and lungs. But have tried to use a pretty much natural regimen and lifestyle change for about 10 years now. Niacin or naicinimide is good for opening up blood vessels and also helping energy in your keeps cycle.

  • Stay strong!

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