Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

There is no priority and humanity for Desable with scleroderma or any other Madical condition ! Who don't have they ignore us ! But every1👁

Hi all my Frand scleroderma sclerosis with rynoud with Kidny transplant all this problam since morthern 12 years Kidny transplant last 8 years any way I resent hav problem with diarrhea with my tummy pain top of my belly button also can't eat or drinks much . So I was mor worid about my kindly dehydration ! Be coz off my Kidny transplant . So I call my Gp on last Tuesday 05/05/2017 to gat treatment but recaption lady was put me on phone will ring on Monday she said there is no doctor to help at the moment I said it was urgent but she can't help me ! After Monday's dr. Ring me on afternoon and he ignore all this meters and he said well just come to the point abuot . You need to Colect stroll botal and drop to surgery ! So I can't do this in my Madical condition but my parter who also Desable but she still mange for me . After I'm content to Gp every day there's no result for my stol ! I call my Kidny hospital where I normally go for Kidny word 10 day cas there is nurs spoke to dr. And Hispitle dr. Told me to come tomorrow about 9:00to10:00am to treat you. it was today 11/05/2017 and I manège to went day car word 10 at 8:30am. staff make me seat up to 25to30 minute there is some outher people arivid after me they are went be for me I was still on my wheelchair as Desable with lungs problam very lass activities so after all nurs come and advise to me if you can wait on be coz we don't have any space for you to give treatment ! When I said I spok to dr. Yusterday and as he call me to come so why I'm not book ! Nurs said doctor is Nwe he don't know you your counditon and we just revive your paper work this morning ! So if you can wait on your wheelchair to arrange bad ! As I ask in my stiff body how long we'll be ? Nurs said no time limit !!! So Nurs said if you can't stay then you need to live yor phone number to call when we gat apace for you ! so I can't help my self I hendover my number and left hospital ! So my condition with this situation wher im ! and who will be responsible for my Madical condition ! If if I gat dehydration or any problam with my kedny then watt!!! I was so surprised with all my expenses as I was worried on my dehydration and sam on my Desablity ! I'm still suffering on this condition . I hop no one gat this kind of problems that's my blasé to all of you Frands. But I gat this kind of problem so many time don't konw about others . Thank you for reding my comment all the best👍

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