Can deep tissue massage cause a flare?

Hi I am new to SRUK and have suspected Limited Systemic Scleroderma (test were positive but not seen a consultant). I hurt my back and went to an Osteopath who manipulated it them did some deep tissue release on my back muscles to lengthen them. Two days later I was in agony with continual spasms in my back. I am three weeks on and am living on painkillers. The doctor thinks it is kidney stones and I am into hospital this saturday for CT scan. My question is this - can deep tissue massage cause issues such as above (not kidney stones obviously)? I just wondered if the Osteo tried to lengthen and stretch the muscles whether she has inadvertently put too much pressure on the soft tissue and maybe torn or bruised them so that my body has over-reacted... Hope this makes sense.

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  • I've had this reaction twice with massages more vigorous than expected -- barely able to hobble home, and double painkillers for a week! Perhaps our muscles take longer to recover...

  • Same here........NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Sorry, I am at a loss as to how to interprete all that.

  • Yes is my you have fibromyalgia as well I do along with crest and raynauds,

    I had som massage work on my back and shoulders to and couldn't move for days! Overwhelming pain with mild shaking to,I'm sure this was more related to the fibromyalgia other than the scleroderma! Ouch! Xc

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