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Tenderness behind fingertips in soft tissue

I recently had a week or so when I had a slight pain and definite tenderness in the soft tissue 'beneath' most of my fingertips - it felt as if it was about 1/4" deep anda the surface felt no different. There was no obvious colour change and it has gone away now. I mentioned it to my rheumy at my last appointment and she didn't really make much of it (probably didn't know what to say). I do get what look like corns on the ends of my fingers which also get sore - just v small areas where there are extra layers of skin on top of the 'main skin' after a while when I have softened it I can literally tease the surplus layers off and it is no longer tender. I have one finger that has a chronic digital ulcer which spits a bit of calcinosis out every now and then but this was on different fingers. I'm on sildenafil and mycophenolate. I work out of doors and inevitably despite my best efforts with assorted gloves, there are times when my fingers do get cold. I do use my finger tips to 'grab' things a lot and pick things up but always have gloves on. Luckily I am usually able to get into a warm environment and I am a lot more proactive about this than I used to be when I 'only' had Raynauds before I was diagnosed with Limited SSc.

Has anyone experienced this? I've not come across any other descriptions of this 'deeper' pain which has now disappeared. As I said to my rheumy, I just hope it doesn't mean I'm going to get calcinosis on all those fingers at a later date!

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Corpitol Emulsion rescued my fingers, my mum's 1 cm deep bedsores and a few more people. It is really a miracle; it speeds up cell division and makes new tissue grow so fast that it overgrows the lesion. You can buy it on Amazon, please make sure it is emulsion , not oil. It will regenerate the soft tissue you describe and the ulcer will not even appear. It took 8 weeks for my mum, some 2-3 weeks when I had those soft sensitive finger tips. It took half a year for a patient with diabetes and ulcerating legs from her knees to her heels. It needs to be put on healthy skin around the lesion or on the soft bits, never on the ulcer itself. Best wishes and let me know if it worked for you.


I don't have the skin difference on my fingers...but I do have swollen hands and fingers which are sore to the bone all the time....stiff and painful on moving and trying to grip things is a bit dangerous as I drop things regularly...very annoying. My feet go numb too and pins and needles are a regular thing experienced.

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