Raynaud syndrome on 2 digits - (1) infected - (1 inflamed.

I have posted my problem last year, received wonderful responses, antidotes, continued promise of healing. At this stage, now, amputation was spoken on, however my infected left digit has started to weep blood from the opening. Painful? Not even a scale to measure by, disfiguring absolutely, and with numerous topical creams, band-aids, cushions,soft-skin tape, mittens, gloves, my fingers still get cold and hurt. Many sleepless nights to go with it. No enjoyment to social life, depending on the weather. This is not a problem I would wish upon my worst enemy. Is there anything else out there to close the opening up in my finger, and stop this from ever coming back?

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  • When I was a child my athletes foot was treated with potassium permanganate- crystals in water and soaked feet. Cleared up. 20 years ago I had necrotising cellulitis ulcers would not heal. Arrow for amputation discussed. I begged them to soak my leg in potassium permanganate . Your leg will go brown. I said I would rather have a leg I replied. I still have my leg , scars and have to wear surgical stockings.

    It may not be appropriate but it is cheap , and may help your wound with an old fashioned remedy. Best of luck.

  • Thank you so much for that good old-fashioned remedy. I am going to ask my RA and see if she will help me with this. Scars are only reminders of what had been so I can handle that even more. Thank you. Discontent

  • So sorry to hear about your health situation. I've no suggestions, sorry to say. I can only offer my support.

  • Your thoughtfullness is so much appreciated. Thank-you Discontent.

  • Hello, so sorry to hear of your plight. I have Scleroderma, with severe raynauds and can quite understand your despair, the infections seem to last forever and are so painful. I wonder where you are being treated. I am under the Rheumatologists at Chapel Allerton Hosp in Leeds. At the moment I have a badly infected thumb and I am attending the ulcer clinic, they are treating it with clinical grade manuka honey, Activon, and I am supposed keep it superwarm, on a bean bag that has been in the microwave with a blanket over as much as I can. It is starting to heal although very slowly. Are you seeing someone who specialising in treating ulcers in Raynauds patients. Lets hope for some warmer weather and a bit of freedom. Best wishes.

  • I have never heard of Manuka Honey? I will go to a health store in Los Angeles, and see if I can purchase this. I am hoping anything natural opposed to medicinal ingestion will help me. Thank-you so much. Discontent

  • Lord, my heart weeps for you.

    I have tried a simple solution of soaking in hot salty water as a way of cutting out finger ulcer infections - seems to have had some success; it certainly takes the pain out of the wound for a few hours, though the soaking process hurts, and the wound is less red and swollen afterwards.

    I dress the ulcers with Inadine iodated gauze, and remember to change it regularly as the stuff drains or wicks its way out of the ulcer and gets into the gauze. Any antibacterial creams you put on top tend to prevent it from draining out. I have used both Bactroban bug killer and also the medical grade manuka honey that my GP suggested.

    I have a feeling that you must have tried *everything*, but these thoughts are the best I can offer you, from my limited viewpoint.

  • I am constantly purchasing bandages, seems the latex hurts my skin, so seeking a soft wrap has been in my sight for a long time. I will seek out that gauze and use it, Thank-you fir your compassion. Discontent

  • How are you doing?

  • i have raynauds and two days ago woke up with small sores on my knuckles and swelling.is this part of raynauds?my thumb and index finger joints are becoming arthritic too

  • I don't have Raynaud's but I do have Psoriatic Arthritis and the tender, swollen finger joints with skin issues you described is symptomatic of PA. I have read that many have both of these issues. If you do an Internet search of Psoriatic Arthritis, you'll see descriptions and pictures of this condition. It took years for my situation to be diagnosed. It was misdiagnosed as eczema by many doctors (including rheumatologists) and pharmacists, with many, many ointment failures. Finally I went to a Dermatologist who recognized it immediately and prescribed Methotrexate, in pill form. In two weeks my hands were perfect ! Such a joy ! This medication is powerful but is associated with many negative side effects. Blood tests are necessary frequently to assure the liver isn't being damaged and I must keep in mind that my immune system is compromised. I must avoid being in crowded situations and anyone known to have a contagious illness. I have easily tolerated any side effects and its wonderful to be able to use my hands again !

  • i will research it.thanks.

  • This medicine sounds worthy, however I have SLE (nephritis) and am on so many pills (33 years) I am trying to keep my organs from being overwhelmed. I am presently on Diladid for pain, bacterium, (2) different types of HBP medicine, (40) mgs of presidone and a few other medicines. I so desire to use my (2) middle fingers, but do not want to do anymore damage internally. Thank-ypu for a light at the end of the pain. Discontent

  • I am not sure purpleclover, I know my right middle finger started out like a paper cut under my finger nail on the foreskin, and erupted into an ulcer, Please try to stay ahead of it, just in case you have Raynauds, ok? Discontent

  • I suggest you ask the district nurses to have a look at it. They are very helpful to me.

  • I had similar problem with my middle finger and index finger on my right hand both starting to split at the tips...my fingers were going black and I was certain that I would get gangrene so I went to my doctor who sent me straight to hospital and when there I was seen by a doctor who put me onto a drip to open up the blood vessels to my hand and I was on this for four days ...and it worked to a certain extent in that my fingers no longer are black- they just go lovely purpley shades or white....and they don't split any more thank goodness. I was put onto clopidogrel to thin the blood flowing to my extremities which seems to be okay. I was told by the doctor who treated me at the time that if the infusion given to me didn't work then I would have to be operated on under my arm to allow better blood flow so just happy that the treatment given worked. Hope this helps you going forward.

  • I am not sure if this plan will work for me, as my RA said that it can be risky. I am not having the blue-black discolorations, just the opening of skin, (looks like something took a bite off my finger, the right finger feels and looks like a burn, constant stinging, pang, ping, throb, all day long, Mental delirium sets in with sleep deprivation every night. I do appreciate your response. Thank-you Discontent.

  • I have had problem with digital ulcer for8 months, Iloprost infusions and Sildenafil not solved problem. Yesterday I had nail bed removed and cleaned under general anaesthetic, now waiting to see if this has cured the problem. Nurse coming tomorrow to dress finger, still very painful but hopefully will improve. Best wishes

  • This is such a dreadful condition. I was at A & E this afternoon.

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