Christmas and New Year

Hi everybody, well Christmas is over, cant say I enjoy it all that much since my husband left me, although it has been 5 years there are certain times of the year that are difficult to get through. This year I spent Christmas day on my own first time ever!!! Got through it and even cooked a lunch! Anyway, finishing this year with a cold, and hoping that next year has no new symptoms to discover. I wish you all a Happy new year, and that we continue to support each other, oh and by the way thank you all for your support you have given me this past year.

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  • I'm glad your Christmas wasn't to bad well done for doing it by yourself. And yes a Happy New Year to you as well, and everything crossed re the symptoms front. I'm also finishing 2016 with a cold which iv now had for three weeks!!! But at least it didn't progress to anything more serious, usually I end up on antibiotics because of the PH, so something must be working right!! Jxx

  • Ah bless u hope next year Better 4 u luv keep your chin up n gud luck thing we all need my hubby having his heart done 17 Jan xxx

  • Hi Fairy56, it must have been hard for you at Christmas but well done for looking after yourself and cooking a nice meal. I wish you a very happy New Year. Lots of love xxx

  • Happy New Year and may 2017 be a year of healing and blessing.

  • Happy New Year backatcha a wee bit of advice for you if you feel like reading it.......why are you not celebrating the fact that your ex has gone....? come on girl! you have had a lucky escape so get out there and start enjoying freedom from someone who was not worthy of your thoughts! Get out there and start living ..God knows life is short enough....go do stuff that you will love to do and leave the past where it belongs! Five years is five years too long to mourn the passing of just one chapter of your existence!

    Go forth and live girl! xxx

  • Hi thanks for your reply, I really try to put the past where it belongs, but we were married for 35 years, and the shock of him walking in one day and saying " Im leaving you, I"ve found someone else, good bye" plunged me into severe depression and then I was diagnosed with SSC and raynauds. I find this site a great help knowing there are people out there ready to support me when I am having a bad day, so thanks again.

  • Probably....speculating here...the stress that this snake put you through is what triggered the Ssc etc. My hubby almost died two years ago and the stress of this is what I am putting my present Ssc etc. down to. You wasted so many years with this bozo........I joined a choir...can't sing but the choir don't care about that as it is the joining in and enjoying each other's company that is many other things you might want to do...never too old to learn anything new! So...for 2017 get out there and find something that makes you happy. Good luck girl!

  • Happy New Year to you, fairy56. Your husband leaving could be a great opportunity of some kind. Time will tell. In the meantime, it sounds as though your symptoms are stable, so that's a blessing. Onwards & upwards...........


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