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possible raynauds or arthritis

hi need a bit of advice , ive been having problems with my fingers /cold aching cracking in both hands and getting lots of cramp especially in left hand an thumb an fingers in both hands gripping isnt so good either in left hand just wondering if these are symptoms of raynauds/or is it arthritis before i go to the docs ..ty in advance

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I have all that is all I can say and I have Raynaud's and Scleroderma.

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I second this, although I have reynauds and limited systemic sclerosis!


Hi I have look at some possibilities yes my symptoms are close but my fingers only color when I've been gripping something and sometimes when cold but not all times when cold also my left arm goes Ivey cold like my fingers


Really not sure if any of the responses are from doctors. I am not a doctor, but have Raynaud's and ironically also arthritis related to Carpal Tunnel. Would be best to contact your GP and a rheumatologist. I do where a metal bracelet, can purchase online, around my right wrist. This helps the Carpal Tunnel by 98%. Only time I take it off is when showering. It has magnets at each end and this take all the negative energy of the arthritis away. I also take 5000 mg of Moringa each morning and early evening for Raynauds. It helps, but does not take away the Raynauds.


I have doc's tomorrow so will see what is said have other problems like bursitis impingement in left shoulder just wondering if it's that what is causing the cold arm and hand fingers etc.... type for all comments will keep you all updated


Well I've been to docs told him my problems I have been having an he looked at my hands an fingers just shrugged his shoulders an said nothing to worry about so what do i do now i go for a second opinion or just leave it till it gets worse .......if ?


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