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Pulmonary regurgitation

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me ... I had my annual echocardiogram last month and this morning received a letter from the Rheumatologist, saying that it shows "mild regurgitation in the mitral heart valve and mild pulmonary regurgitation". ...and that's all it says. Nothing about what to do about it. I already have and am treated for a mild left ventricle problem, which the cardiologist thought was sclero linked ( I have limited) but the rheumy said not. It seems to me that the pulmonary regurgitation could be sclero related as it seems to affect the right side of the heart? I dread to think about the mitral valve. if anyone can shed any light on this - thanky you, I am struggling at the moment to get my head around this and am very anxious. I Am seeing rheumy in a couple of weeks, but need to understand more about it before I see her. She's not very empathic so I have to go in with a clear head. Thank you so much....Wendy

Oh I am taking mycophenolate and hydroxych. and losartan..

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Hi, mild mitral valve regurgitation means a little of the blood seeps back after the valve has shut. It's very common - 10% of all women have this. Nothing to worry about. I have it, very interestingly (and more than a touch unexpectedly) mine has rectified. My doctor believes as a result of my strength training. It's not something they can treat (or need to). Not sure about the pulmonary one - you sound very tense and stressed. Try writing down your concerns (rather than just questions) to tell your doctor and give them a chance to address each one. I've found if I ask a question I get a medical answer but if I say "... result has frightened me can you explain it" or similar, you get a more human response - hope this works for you and you get the reassurance you need x

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Hello there, It is understandable that you are concerned when you receive letters with 'big technical terms' in them and no further explanation. I would think that if your Consultants were concerned then they would be following up and doing something about the situation. It is very common for people to have valve regurgitation in the heart. It just means that a little bit of blood can flow backwards through the valve. There is a pulmonary valve between where blood enters the heart from the lungs and you can get a little bit of it going backwards. Interestingly I did read that this can happen in 90% of the general population. It is clearly mild and they will be monitoring it with 6monthly or annual echos I am sure in case of any change. It is usually stiffening of the pulmonary artery caused by scleroderma that is the issue for people with Limited SS and this is what causes a rise in the pressure in the right side of the heart (pulmonary hypertension). I hope what I have written makes sense and reassures you. Please speak to your Consultant so you get clarification because they will be the best person to know what is going on.

All my best



Thank you The_Bear and Lucyjean....I am very grateful for your advice - and for the very clear explanation of what is happening - or has happened. I will act on it re writing and speaking with the professionals. I'm a bit calmer about it all today, the letter was a shock to the system, and will focus on getting the right information at my next docs appointment. I hope you are all having a good day, and thankyou once again.


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