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Reference podiatrists and hard skin, I am lucky enough to have treatment on the NHS at my local hospital (I live in N Yorkshire) they do wonderful work, clip my nails get rid of as much of the hard skin as they can, they also do a pulse test to check circulation. At my last visit I had half of my right little toenail cut away, but the podiatrist has said that perhaps I will have to have half the nail removed completely so it can not grow again, something I am not looking forward to but it is something I will seriously have to consider. In between visits I put my emollient cream in to freezer bags put my feet in and watch the television on a night.

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first visit to NHS podiatrist at local hospital today - brilliant, less than 3 weeks after self referring online. Went through relevant medical history and what was troubling me with my feet. Full exam, checked pulse all over and then pinprick all over soles for numbness. My immediate concern was a corn in the middle of the ball of my foot which she removed with a scalpel (bliss - pain free at last!). Was familiar with scleroderma and its complications, Raynauds, ulcers etc and gave me advice on moisturiser (basically ask pharmacist for a cream that contains 10-25% urea and apply daily). As long as I see her at least once a year I do not have to start from scratch again with referral, I just phone up for an appt. Also gave me details of the local emergency diabetes clinics which I would also be eligible to attend if I get any foot wound likely to become infected.

Main-take out message was check your feet every day - might be losing sensation and not realise it and then probs can develop if you are not checking. Cited case of someone who stood on a frozen pea in bare feet and ended up having her foot amputated.

Fantastic service!

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