Knee replacement?

Hi everyone I was diagnosed with SSC 3 years ago on my first appointment with the specialist which was great but I have been suffering for many years with lots of the usual symptoms before my GP decided their was something underlined going on with my health! But lately my right leg is giving me so much pain and swells so bad I can't straighten it anymore, I'm use to painful joints everywhere but nothing as bad as this which is relentless nothing gives me relief I'm on hydrochloroquine which my specialist says will hopefully help with the arthritis but has anyone heard of people with SSC having knee replacements? I'm losing hope of ever walking severe pain free again, I take strong pain killers which help with my normal joint pains in hands feet elbows etc but this knee is unbearable! I'm only 48 😢

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  • Oh, yes. Because you have one thing does not mean that you can't have another. I have had a terribly painful hip till I could no longer walk. I had the hip replaced and a new lease of life. Great.

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  • Hello there, there are many reasons why you might be experiencing increased pain in your knee. If you have had ongoing inflammation in your joints due to the scleroderma then the osteoarthritis is the most likely. Basically, you need you GP to order an X-ray and then you will know what is happening. There is no need to be suffering. I am sure that with investigation and treatment something can be done.

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    Lucy x

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  • Hello Missnash

    I was diagnosed too about 3 years ago with SSC. I have had raynards in both hands and feet for a number of years before. Strange my knees gave me lots of pain. My specialist gave me a steroid injection in the back of my right knee cap. Because like you I could hardly put my foot down and the pain off unbearable. That as helped a lot. But both my legs swell terrible and I have to use support stockings every day. I too am on hydrochloroquine which my specialist says will hopefully help with the arthritis. But straightaway I started to have very painful eyes. This drug has made my eyes really bad and I am so worried about my sight. The eyes ache and get dry and the vision has been affected badly. So if you have any problems with your eyes, go straight back to the doctor and make them aware. I am now under the eye clinic that monitor the retinas now. At the moment I am ok.

    Has for the joint pain I am too everyday and night in that many places. But the knee injection really helped me. It is the most painful injection I have every had, but it took about four or five days to settle down. But god it was worth it. I just keep taking the strong pain relief to help me live as normal life as we can. People have no idea what it is like to live everyday with this illness. take care I hope you get some help with your knee and watch that tablet.

  • Thank you and yes my eyes are very dry so I'll be mentioning that straight away to my GP

  • Hi Missnash

    So sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I was diagnosed with Scleroderma over 40 years ago. I suffer with arthritis and joint pain but try to stay active despite this. I had a knee replacement 6 years ago because the pain etc in my knee was affecting my quality of life. (Damage originally caused by sports injury in my 30's) Best thing I did, pain free now and my recovery was great so if your specialist is recommending this then go for it. Just remember you have to do the exercises post op. Good luck whatever your decision.

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