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38yrs old and its getting worse


Well my first memory of "white finger" was when i was about 10yrs old and I remember I used to used say " I had dead man's finger"

As the years have gone by it has got so bad I feel like I cant uncurl my fingers not to mention the pain, my toes are the same

Yes i admit i'm a smoker and i know this doesnt help but surely this isnt just down to smoking, cos i didnt do as a little girl.

My doc says nothing she can do give up the fags

not so simple

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After getting gangrene in my finger, i was told stop smoking or you'll lose your hands. I have stopped for several years now, and cant believe that with raynaud's and scleroderma i even did it! You say smoking 'doesnt help' - believe me it makes it 100% worse. Now that it looks like the scleroderma is starting to affect my lungs, i,m even more pleased i have stopped. Ask the GP for help with a no smoking clinic. You may not stop the raynauds, but you dont want to end up in hospital for weeks like i did! Good luck

Don't fool yourself..Of course and it would make a BIG difference if you quit smoking.I used to smoke too and now I only allow myself to do one cigarette IF the temprature at my country (at summer time) is above 20o C (which mean really really hot).Please do you a favour and at least try yo quit.Or just do the fist step:admit that your condiotin becomes much worse 3-10 minutes you do the stupid cigarrete.JUST ADMIT IT TO YOUR SELF:It really cause you even more pain.

With love (its just my experience maybe I am wrong).

Fags do not cause Raynaud's but they make it much worse.

Thanks all

I've tried to give up the smokes but failed, now dont get me wrong i feel giving up smoking is something that you really want to do and i'm not at the stage yet and if i'm honest i know my reasons why, but i'm working on them and hopefully i will conquer that reason and be smoke free,


i know how you feel elaineder:( i keep trying too,,, already lost 1 finger, and another on its way out as we speak,, sending strong hugz to help u on ur way :)) x


They say there are 5 stages in the cycle of change. At least you are at the first stage which is thinking about it. I don't smoke myself, but smoking is just like any other addiction. It must be tough giving up but never stop trying. Keep at it and one day you will succeed. Good Luck. Nuala.

thanks for support

Off to watch my little man this morning play footie and have bought some of the hand warmers, there not great but but you get a little help, anyone know of soemthing for feet as no matter how many pairs of thick thermal socks they still freeze x

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