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Hi all, Was diagnosed with limited a couple of years ago and straight after things seem to calm down. In the last couple of months the skin around my mouth\chin has thickened and I'm developing deep lines, which is making me very down Also, my nails have become almost chalk like. Not really sure what to do or where to go from here. I'm thinking of trying Intracell treatment and would welcome any thoughts on this

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Hello stevenorthernsoul, Sorry I can't really advise as I've only recently been diagnosed with systemic sclerosis myself but am personally experiencing thickening of skin on my feet which is causing me a lot of pain and difficult walking. Completely understand about feeling down due changes in our body from this condition. Stay positive and take care.


Thank you for you're reply am sorry to hear about the problems you are having. It is difficult to stay positive when my mouth and chin are starting to resemble that of someone 40 years older, but I suppose we all have to live with this condition as best we can. Take care


I have those lines and I think that they are caused by the excess of , sorry I can't remember the word. But some people who want to look more beautiful inject themselves with Botox.

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Hello there Steven, sorry to hear how things are at the moment. Can you say a little bit more about what this Intracell is? Is this something your Rheumatologist is prescribing for you to help with the skin fibrosis around your mouth? I think if your symptoms seem to suddenly be accelerating, or changing then, if you haven't already done so you need to contact your Rheumatologist and /or GP to discuss this. Flare ups can take many forms but you need to see if you can nip them in the bud. Are you on any immunosuppression? All my best Lucy


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