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Having short brathnlas with chest day cuff and sticky glueys saliva-

Hi im having short off brathnlas I can't take out biggest brath and my chest always have dry cuffs and sticky and gluey saliva- and asopagos also very dry and cuff can't take it out or take in ! I Ben compelling GP and Royal free since long time ! I attended last week Apointmant and I'm going to have chest tast and Brithnlassnas tast add Royal dr prescribed some Madison which I can't take from Royal free chemist so I ask Royal free dr to give this prescriptions for my GP to prescribe for me so Royal free dr hand it to me so I contact my GP and handover my prescription but he said I can't give you now I need to first investigation with this meditation ! So well it's nearly 10 days today still not received any answers from GP or any mediation ! Now I try to ring comings Monday and see what happens. So thanks all my friends to read my comments...

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Persevere as you do and best wishes.


Thank you so much 👍


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