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Time off from work

Under a new absence policy at work I am only allowed to have 2 hospital appointments and 1 doctors appointment a year paid, not even allowed to make up the time. Dentists appointment are not paid. Doctors are easier to get an appointment outside of works time if not an emergency and booked well in advance but not so with the hospital. I know when I see my consultant in 2 weeks time she will want me to go for lung function, and various other tests. This seems so unfair to me when I suffer with raynaulds and scleroderma that I lose pay for attending vital appointments that help my well being and keep me in work rather than having time off ill. I would be interested any comments on this and how other work places manage their absence policy.

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I'd seek legal advice I think that constitutes discrimination


Citizens advise are a good place to start.

I did a quick read through & the first paragraph says

"The law automatically gives you rights to take time off work in certain circumstances. This time off will not always be paid."



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