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Good morning I haven't been diagnosed yet but in my Medical notes when I was 3 month old it said I was suffering from the raynaulds phenomenon which I only saw a few years ago but would explain my fingers losing all colour and the pain. However I finally got round to having blood tests as I now have aching feels like in the bones in my fingers. However I rang this morning to be told the blood tests have come back satisfactory but to make an appointment as the women on the phone can't read the tests properly. Does this mean I haven't got it. Any advise would be very welcome. Thanks.

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  • It's difficult to answer your question. Go and find out. With my best wishes.

  • Thank you will have to wait till the 18th it was worth a shot

  • Go and see what the results were in person pet....xx good luck..xx

  • As far as I know Raynauds disease (primary) does not show in blood tests and is symptomatic only (this is what I have) Raynauds phenomenon (secondary) has same symptoms but caused by underlying conditions which would show in the blood. I hope this is of some help.

  • Thank you for you reply that's really helpful to know

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