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Think I may have Raynauds?

Wanting to know whether or not I have Raynauds or just bad circulation? My hands are always a very bright red colour, no matter what the temperature and my fingers are numb and white about 50% of the time; the numbness isn't dictated by temperature but they are more likely to be numb if the weather is colder. My feet are often numb too, and I suffer from very painful chilblains throughout the winter months.

So grateful if anybody could offer some insight, Thank you

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Have you seen your doctor about this? Sounds like Raynauds to me, good luck and keep warm.


Hi Lilywright,

It certainly sounds like it, however, you will need to get your GP to refer you to a rheumatologist for a firm assessment and diagnosis. I would advise taking some pictures of the hand discolouration if possible to show your doctor, just incase it doesn't show during the appointment.

I'm sorry that you have been going through this, I know that all of us with it suffer with this nasty weather and it's incredibly uncomfortable. There are some medications that can help such as Nifedipine but I'm sure your doctor can talk you through that. Good luck with everything and I hope you get some answers and some help soon!



Reply I bought the volt boots for my feet. My feet and calves were frozen it hurts the back of my calves. I have tried all sorts of things to keep my feet warm, nothing worked. I went to the raynaude's site and they suggested volt heat site. I love the boots, it has a remote control that you can turn on and off from 25%, 50 %, 75 percent and a 100%. It keeps my feet and calves warm without burning them like other foot warmer products.


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