Advice about Scoliosis

i went the doctors yesterday to get my thoracic spine x-ray results after waiting 5 weeks for them, spine is sightly more curved to the left then it was in 2010 only minor changes.Been given some strong cocodamol for it, and i have to do physiotherapy but have to wait a few more weeks for the letter can it also affect the right side as i have been getting pain on my right side as well. Has anyone else on here got Scoliosis if so did you find that physiotherapy helped you. Thanks in advance

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  • Hi

    I also have this condition and to be honest they tried quite a few things , like physio and manipulation under anaesthetic to straighten the spine. So since 1995 I rely on paracetamol, Tramadol and Cod Liver Oil helps keep spine supple.

    Good luck. Lynn

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