How do you combat post nasal drip?

How do you combat post nasal drip?

One of our community said - "I have Scleroderma and Raynaud's and now the winter is coming I get constant post nasal drip especially at night - I've heard it is due to the nerves controlling blood flow to the nose lining."

Do you ever get post nasal drip (the feeling that you need to constantly clear your throat or swallow/ cough/ sore/ scratchy throat) and what do you do to combat it?

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  • Our specialist, Prof. Denton said, "There are several possible ways in which scleroderma might be relevant. Nasal symptoms are common in scleroderma and probably reflect the effect of scleroderma on mucosal lining surfaces more generally. Although the mechanism is unclear, the amount and quality of mucosal secretions is usually reduced in scleroderma and leads to dryness of the mouth, eyes and the upper respiratory tract. This is one reason why scleroderma patients may notice a change or hoarseness of the voice."

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  • Prof. Denton continued with, "Scleroderma can cause a change in the lining of the nose which may also lead to a degree of inflammation or local infection and this may contribute to a post nasal drip. In addition, altered blood vessel and nerve regulation may be relevant. Increased blood supply to the nasal mucosa can lead to increased secretions and this could be associated with vascular instability as is seen in scleroderma. I would not recommend any specific medication without discussing it with your doctor, as some of these work by reducing nasal secretions and this might aggravate the symptoms rather than be helpful."

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  • I had this problem before my scleroderma was diagnosed and was prescribed a nasel spray called Dymista, it works well for me, completely cured the drip, but check with your doctor of course. it has to be prescribed and I'm told it's expensive, but it works!

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

  • I also use a nasal spray and this has made the secretions so much better.I can breath and don’t have to blow my nose all the time.It is year round for me.

  • I have post nasal drip. the specialist prescribed a nasal spray to use for 3 months, He Also said cheese made it worse, I also fond that it was worse after eating chocolate. My GP prescribed Lansoprazole to reduce stomach acid, It helped a lot. I hope this helps.

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