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My hands are incredibly sore and sensitive to touch even when warm - is this normal?

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I'm meant to be going back to work and I'm really worried about how I'm going to cope. Alternate fingers keep swelling up and when they do, it's incredibly painful. They go down again after a few days. Then a different finger swells up. This isn't linked to being cold, it's all the time. If I accidentally knock my finger on something, it's incredibly painful, disproportionately to the injury (i.e. bumping my hand gently on the doorframe can be agony)

My employers hoped that in the warmer weather, my symptoms would resolve, but this doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, my symptoms are changing all the time and the pain doesn't seem to be directly linked to the cold. It's really hard for me to explain how much this has affected me, and it's hard for other people to understand because I was so active and outdoorsy before this winter.

(I have Raynaud's and suspected Limited Scleroderma. I'm not due to be reviewed by the Rheumatologist again until August, but I do see my GP regularly. I've just started on Losartan.)

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I couldn't have explained it better. As I am exactly the same. In fact, my cat accidentally head butted a finger this morning. You can no doubt imagine how that felt. I am also on Losartan. I'm afraid I haven't found an answer to it. Yet!

Thanks for your reply Skwiglee. I know it doesn't make either of us feel better but I'm so glad you said that you experience this too because I feel like I'm going mad sometimes with all these symptoms.

So I'm seeing my GP tomorrow, it's the end of my time being 'signed off' work. I'm just really worried about these hyper-sensitive hands, and how I will cope. Everyone tells me I will be 'fine' in the warmer weather but I don't feel fine!

I will let you know if I find any solution :)

It's very rare that I come on here, to be honest. I just saw your post on my feed. I have to say that, after 7 years, this is a major improvement. I literally couldn't put my hands in my pockets, as the nerves on my knuckles were exposed. I guess it's more of a 6th sense now. In that I am always on guard. Unfortunately Jamie, my cat, didn't think of that! Good luck! Xx

I no longer work. But, this came about fast after nearly croaking on the operating table. I too, was fit and active before. However, I do now do voluntary work. Just to keep my hand in......pun intended!

Mine are the same and I'm afraid this is Rayanauds for you! Strange condition! Sorry.

I have had Raynaud's for over 7 yrs. now and have the same problem. I've even had to sell all my rings,(apart from my wedding ring), as I cannot wear them for any length of time! The main problem is that I'm a full-time carer for my disabled wife and my hands hurt when I push her wheelchair so I have to wear cycling gloves in the summer!

I have the same problem. It seem to start all of a sudden. Was told it was chilblains. I have been told to keep

my hands warm!! I am sorry we all have this condition. You would think with modern medicine they would have

found a cure by now. Most people think its only cold hands! Only a Raynauds sufferer knows the pain.

Hope they find a cure one of these days.

I recognise my symptoms. I have Raynaud's and limited scleroderma. If anyone shakes my hand it hurts and my ingers swell like yours. Warmth is good but does not remove it. Everyone told me to take analgesics. I do if it is too bad. But it works better if I take them regularly so as to have a constant level in my blood. You don't say what your job is.

Thanks for the advice and reassurance everyone.

Zenabb, I'm a Paramedic, that is (was) my full time job before this winter when my symptoms became severe.

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I hope that you get well treated and that this episode will not last too long. I get regular Iloprost.

Thank-you very much. Iloprost infusion is the next step for me if Losartan is not beneficial.

I do recognise all you have said. It's awkward when I meet people for the first time, I dread them shaking my hand but don't want to appear rude. I too don't see any benefit with warmth. I haveI ever changing symptoms all over but my hands are consistently painful. I go to consultant next week, so will bring up. Good luck and hope you feel some improvement soon!

Just like to ask does your finger nails be affected my nails are practically non existent and very painful

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