Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Hi, new here - is this Raynaud's?

Hi, I'm new to this community but I've been getting these issues which I was told was due to Raynaud's:

Fingers and toes going white, stiff and numb

Pain in toes when I take hot showers/baths/apply heat to them

Very huge tolerance on heat

Poor tolerance of cold

Purple colour appearing in toes after exposure to the heat.

Increased pain sensitivity in toes when I injure/hurt them.

Affected skin cracking when exposed to the sun.

Toenails appearing discoloured and flaky on the affected toes.

I was told I had Raynaud's when I was 25 (I'm now 28) but because I have Hashimoto's I presume I have the secondary type. But when I've been reading up about secondary Raynaud's online the symptoms only happen on one side. With me the symptoms happen on both sides but not at the same time!

Can someone help me with this? I've tried all sorts of things to sort my symptoms out and have no idea if it's caused by my Hashimoto's or a form of Scleroderma!


Jo xxx


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