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primary raynoids with new symptoms

hi I have been to see a rheumatoligist doctor a few years back and was diagnosed with primary raynoids just in my feet he put me on nifedipine 5mg twice daily and discharged me, this year I'm getting more symptoms extreme pain in my legs so went bk to my gp and she has upped my dose of nifedipine and is going to refer me back to the rheumatologist, is this a waist of my time can they actually do anymore for me??

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Your GP is quite right. You need more nifedipine to increase your blood supply. You also need to see the rheumatologist to see if there is anything else. I am on 90 mg of nifedipine.


ive had my ana blood test done again today n been told i now have an under active thyroid with a negitive anti ummune i dont no if this the reason for my further symptoms or the raynoids im all confused


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