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primary raynoids

i was diagnosed with primary raynoids a few years ago n suffer with it only in my feet n occasionly in my nose, i get it really bad in the winter months with most of the time i cant even go out as i get bad ulcers on my toes, ive never had pain in my legs before tho which im experiencing for the first time this year, the pain is uunbearable feels like somebodys twisting my muscles in my legs, im not under the hospital anymore i was discharged, should i go back to my gp or is this normal with raynoids??? im just worried incase its turning to secondary raynoids

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When I get such a noticeable change I go to my GP. I live in Warwickshire and when I was discharged by the consultant I was told that my GP would manage my symptoms from now on. My GP only has a few patients with Primary Raynaud's but they know the symptoms, the way they would expect them to change and when to re-refer if necessary.

I have had Primary Raynaud's for more than 10 years.When I was first diagnosed I was advised that it is a degenerative condition. I was told there is a list of medicines and the GP can take you through these as necessary.

I still manage without prescription medicine but I take Rutivite (Rutin) tablets twice a day - I cannot cope with my temperature fluctuations without them. They are made from buckwheat. I buy mine from Power Health (, tel: 01759 302595).

I hope you get sorted quicly,



Hi Emma

Sorry to hear about your troubles. We would recommend visiting your GP to check that this isn't secondary Raynaud's. You might like to ask for a blood test too just to rule out any other related conditions for peace of mind. Thanks. RSA.


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