The Raynaud's Winter Survival Kit: 2013 Update!

The Raynaud's Winter Survival Kit: 2013 Update!

Hi there! I've just finished updating the 'Raynaud's Winter Survival Kit' for 2013 and added some new items that might help us keep warm as the weather begins to turn cold! Posting it here in hope that it might help someone somewhere.

Thank you all for the positive feedback last year, I hope the additions are useful :). Should I find anything else to add in, I'll update the list throughout the winter.

Best wishes,

Soph x

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  • Many thanks for all this work and for letting us know about it. Each one of us will use it according to our lifestyle.

  • Thanks very much for taking a look! *warm hugs*

  • Great work - thanks.

    I can testify to the 'Moody' coat, it's brilliant. Glad to see the alpaca insoles on the list & socks/mitts/gloves/hats in this natural product are amazing too.

    I bought a box of 40 pairs of Little Hotties hand warmers from Amazon free P&P for £20.00 & I've taken to using them around the house. When dressed in several layers everything is warm except my hands & face so having these in the pocket of trs or fleece is a great addition & keeps heating bills to a reasonable level.

    Can't wear gloves of any kind. Isolated fingers just freeze; it has to be mitts for me & they're best when using hand warmers.

  • Thanks so much for taking a look and responding here :). Really glad that items like these have made a difference to people. I'd like to be able to display the list in a slightly more comprehensive way but perhaps that's something I'll keep working on. I'm actually on the look out for some mitts now as I'd like to use them over compression gloves and see how that goes. I really need to stock up on handwarmers too. I'm on a rather tight budget so its not always easy to balance quality with price but I'll keep trying :D.

    Take care x

  • I've created a new post also but though is comment on this post too. M&M direct are currently selling 40 pairs of handwarmers for £8.99! (Exc p&p)

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