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Bariatric surgery and Scleroderm/MCTD

I am being referred to have Bariatric Surgery. Has anyone with Scleroderma had this surgery, and if so were there any difficulties that you had related to the Scleroderma.

I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and all the meds that we take. I have been told that your body will not absorb vitamins properly, so I am worried that it will not absorb my medications properly either. The dietician and surgeons do not know about my condition and give the pat answer of your medication will be reduced once you lose the weight. But it won't as my condition is not caused by being over weight. So not sure if I should do it or not.

So just wondering if anyone else has had any type of these surgeries and if so how does it affect your Scleroderma and stuff?

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I don't know what Bariatric means, but you should tell your rheumatologist what is planned for you and get advice.


Have you got a rheumatologist you can ask about this surgery uknlv? I think it's important to speak to people with specialist knowledge of your condition first. The bariatric surgeons and nurse are only going to know about their speciality - which is weight loss I'm assuming? I have lost four stone since getting RA over the past three years - but was seriously considering having this surgery myself prior to RA. So each clinical group will put their needs first and may know nothing about Scleroderma as it's quite a rare condition. So they will just be thinking that if you can get your weight down through this surgery that will have a good knock on effect on everything else. But I believe Scleroderma can affect your digestive tract as well and it's a serious condition and if I was having this surgery then I personally would feel happier if the doctors worked with my other doctors to decided what was best for me. RArebird.


Bariatric surgery in India, In this operation, surgeon creates a sleeve shaped stomach, which is small pouch stapled and divided vertically. This results in eliminating 70 – 80 percent of the stomach. This will lead to reduced intake of food of patient and promotes weight loss. The surgery is laparoscopic due to which the patient is back home within 2 days. Faster recovery and quick return to normal life is advantage of operation.



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