Finally....something that actually helps keeps my feet warm!

Finally....something that actually helps keeps my feet warm!

We have an alpaca farm nearby. I often go there just to watch them run around. They also sell alpaca products there. I bought a pair of alpaca innersoles in hopes of relief. Well I slipped them in my sneakers and my feet were toasty all day.

I live in the states in New Jersey, but if you can find a source for them, get some. If not I can give you the name and number of the farm near me where you could order them. They are $10.00/pr. Hope this helps.

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  • sounds just the thing for my blocks of ice feet! Many thanks.

  • Have you found any good electric- warming pair of gloves also?

  • Thanks for the info. Just found all the UK retailers online.

  • Hi Madge51, please give me the name of the UK retailers, I'd love a pair of those! Thanks

  • Just googled Alpaca again & found that Amazon have a great range too, at much better prices.


    There you go. I emailed them this morning & got a very prompt reply. Think I'll pay a visit - good excuse to reacquaint with a fanulous area of this beautiful country.

  • Thanks Madge51! :)

  • Check the RSA website and look at the description of all the heating ids which are available - many and varied - cheap to more expensive.


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