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Anyone in need of (affordable) disposable hand warmers in bulk ?

Yes, I know, we all do around here !! :-D

Just wanted togive you all the heads up - if you or someone you know is a member of Costco in the UK, you can now order on-line with them.

"Little Hotties" (they are the same as My Coal) are currently available from Costco on-line, priced at just £29.78 for two packs of 40 - BARGAIN ! Free delivery on top of that, and you just can't say no.

Hope this helps some of you out there - I know I rely on these things most days, as they heat up in 15-20mins and can last for up to 6-7 hours. Shove them in a pocket, or in your mittens, and they really can work wonders.

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Thank you for that. But I prefer to give the profit to the RSA.


I bought some from Costco in January. They are not very good. Some of them hardly get warm at all and some only stay warm for an hour. I use them for playing golf and need them hot for at least 4 hours!!

They are not as good as other makes .


I bought a few lots last year from a £1 shop. They stayed hot for the 8hrs plus. Best iv ever bought. I looked them up on google now I buy bulk. If U want to look the web site is under winter essentials. U do have to join but nothing to pay or anything. I swear by them. Definatly worth the bulk buying


Roseter - take them back to Costco - I did, and they were happy to refund. I bought four boxes, and one of them had this problem. Even though I had used a number of them (it was earlier in the year, when it was quite cold) they refunded no questions asked when I said why I was taking them back. The other boxes I have are fine (up to now)

As an FYI, I also e-mailed the Little Hotties address directly, so that they were aware.

Hope this helps you.


Definatly the little hotties are rubbish towards the boyztoys hand warmer. And there much more softer in ur hand than the little hotties.


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