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I thought you guys would find this amusing and very true

Dear shop keeper,

Look out side - it is warm outside YIPEEEEE :)

everyone is in their summer cloths - t shirts, shorts, dresses etc.

Unfortunately your shop is so unbearably cold yes I am in fact wearing gloves - not sure why you are staring as I did match them to my outfit so no need to call the fashion police to inform them of my whereabouts.

I had planned to enjoy a day shopping in the sun (being able to fit in to you warm blooded people for once), and not take a trip to Antarctica - had I of wished to I would have taken an aeroplane (and indeed more cloths).

Never mind - you have saved me money, as I decided to give up on shopping and go enjoy the sun in my back garden. So for that I thank you.

On future occasions I would much appreciate it if you could leave the air con off, as I doubt any body will die of heat exhaustion in the uk ( on our one day of summer).

Your sincerely

Mrs raynauds.

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Ha Ha, but v true


Have you noticed that a lot of the air-con is by the tills? When there's a long queue I've actually left the shop without buying anything!


Too true. The amount times I've left shops cos of air con., it can done right as I work in a shop, we have air con. on and don't freeze people.


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