Painful toes :(

Hi all I'm at my wits end with the pain I've been in all weekend, been told I have more than likely got Raynaud's just waiting on the MRI results before the doc confirms it all!! All weekend I've had horrible pain in my toes which is where I have Raynaud's, it's a constant ache which I can just about handle but every min or so I get a nasty sharp pain go through my toes which is unbearable! I feels like someone is sticking a needle through the middle of my bone! I have had cold toes all weekend and the ends have been really white! I am taking nifedipine but only when I really need to as they seem to give me bad headaches :( is the pain normal? Does anyone else get this or should I get it checked? It's never hurt like this before and painkillers don't help at all :(

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  • Not sure what to say, about the toes, but my hands and fingers go very cold and white after a while I get the tingling and then do't feel them for a while (numb), mine went on Saturday morning when I was driving my scooter down the road, it was very uncomfortable and had to make sure I kept my hand on the handle and leaver all the time (not easy when my fingers are numb), but I am determined not to let it get the better of me and stop me living my life.

  • im not sure if this is what you have, but i get feeling in my feet that when i walk it feels like the skin is being stretched and it sometimes makes me fall over? also it feels like i have glass in my foot? i have raynauds in my hands and feet, but my hands are more of a problem, all the best :-)

  • Nifedipine is the standard treatment for Raynaud's. It's best to take it regularly. Usually you are prescribed a low dose so you get used to it, and later it is increased. I have been on the drug for very many years. I would be much worse without it.

  • Agree with zenabb, medication should be taken regularly for it to have any effect on the Raynauds. If you are experiencing headaches with the Nefedipine, go back to your GP and ask to be put on another type of drug for the Raynauds, there are various ones and it is trial and error until you find one that agrees with you. Good luck :)

  • My feet are where I suffer worse with my secondary Raynauds. Most of my feet are white & my toes will often go blue/purple & get covered with Chilblains. Each day is different with some mornings me waking & feeling like my leg ends at my ankle (I can't feel my feet at all) whilst other mornings it's like my feet are on fire & every step ignites a sharp burning pain from toes right through my foot & up my leg. Sadly the only real relief is wearing 'comfort fit' socks to aid circulation & taking the prescribed medication. Do talk to your Dr if your suffering with a specific medication they should be able to find you an alternative you may get on with. Hugs & Stay warm. x

  • your foot leg /pain springsong sounds just like mine,dont know what to do for the best...i found those garden clogs comfy altho i cant wear them in town big pink and red flowers on them , any socks feel too tight and make my feet sweat which makes my chillblaines worse,and the "glass" feeling littlemissy as well,just talking about it is making them feel worse...check with your gp about the headaches u may need a change of med's good luck.

  • My feet av recently starting to feel the same. I also have a black toe nail and I no I haven't stubbed it. Did noticed only the other day on my other foot middle toe also is black just under my nail. But my middle tie is also numb. Goes ok for a few hours then goes numb again. This has been like this since I went on my holidays last month my feet and ankles looked like elephants and was numb. Only went ok about 2 days from returnin home but my toe not gone ok. Any one else had this problem

  • Yes. Just got this right now, in one of my toes, maybe half an hour after being out in the cold. Right inside the joint. It REALLY hurt, went away, then came back again.

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