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Interesting article on Gluten sensitivity and inflammation and autoimmune disease

I found this article to be quite interesting... and of course, it has to be taken in context to personal circumstance... everyone is different.... But I definitely feel better having removed gluten from my diet for the last 5months - less bloating and lethargy, which is more than welcome having had the diffuse ssc and raynauds diagnosis for 16 years !

I am booked in for a celiac blood test with my practice nurse on weds of this week !

Living the dream :)

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Found the article extremely interesting especially due to the fact that I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 11 months ago. Since being on a strict gluten free lifestyle I too have felt a lot better for it as now have more energy, don't have "grumblings" in my stomach after most meals (which I always had thought to be normal due to always feeling like this), not feeling bloated especially after eating bread and generally feeling better.

I noticed that you have an appointment for a blood test for coeliac screening. Just to warn you if you have been on a gluten free diet for the last 5 months there is a strong possibility your blood tests will give a false negative result as your body will not be producing antibodies to fight gluten due to you not ingesting gluten foods. When I originally had a routine coeliac screen blood test (and was still eating bread, pasta, cereals etc) my blood test did come back positive for coeliac antibodies. I was then referred to a Gastroenterologist who booked me for an gastroscopy (endoscopy) with the strict instructions that I MUST continue eating gluten food as mentioned before so that they could see the damaged villi in my gut. If you have been on a gluten free diet for 5 months and have Coeliac Disease there is a very high possibility that your villi are in the process of recovery due to not having gluten.

I would get in touch with your GP/Practice Nurse and explain you have been on a gluten free diet for 5 months and are due to have a coeliac screening blood test. I would be very surprised if they wish to go ahead with these blood tests as your results are more likely to come back negative for coeliac antibodies due to you not having gluten for the last 5 months. The only way you are to have a true coeliac screen result is for you to have had gluten for at least six weeks prior to this but again I would consult your GP for their advice regarding this.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


hiya colliganj

many thanks for your post and suggestions.

I agree with your observations about the blood test not being wholly reliable given Ive not been eating bread / pasta etc. Dr Oong from the Royal Free suggested the test so I will still go ahead.

I suppose the real test will be when I eat a sandwich or the like ! but to be honest, I feel so much better from no bread that the idea of having a sandwich doesnt really enthuse me any longer !!

many thanks for sharing :) x

i am really pleased for you that you found a source to your bloating etc... it is only when you feel better that you realise how ill you were actually feeling - would you agree with this?


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