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dreaming and the onset of my autoimmune conditions

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Just in case anyone is on researchgate, and is interested, here is a report I recently wrote about the onset of my autoimmune conditions. Though, at the time, doctors thought it was MS. So will need to be updated!

researchgate.net/publicatio... f_Chronic_Illness_Exploring_and_Developing_the_Concept_of_the_Dream_as_a_Th reat_Monitoring_Mechanism

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I read your article. I have often found that if I have a bad dream then later I am ill. It started about the same time that my symptoms for Scleroderma started. They are very rare now but I hardly have any symptoms now except fatigue from time to time.

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Hi Irene

Thanks for ploughing through it. Its a bit on teh long side I know. What you mention sounds really interesting, albeit disturbing soemtimes I imagine.

Im glad that your symptoms have declined. The fatigue is hard I know. I use to be very busy but getting motivation now can be hard.

best wishes

This looks very interesting and enlightening Charlieab. Unfortunately I'm laid up with a kidney infection just now and can't concentrate well but have saved it up for when I'm "better"!

I'm in the early stages of the process of applying to undertake a PhD - but I'd need to secure full funding first. The topic of it would be "Visualising the Invisible--- finding ways to convey/ represent invisible systemic diseases through a visual art practice" - well along these lines anyhow. So dreaming is a very interesting area of consideration for me too!

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Hi Twitchytoes

I wrote it before the brain fog turned into a dense mist and tbh I find it hard to understand now. Its like it was written by a different person! Crazy as that might sound.

Hope phd application goes well. Sounds fascinating. I guess there is the question of what constitutes visibility/ invisibility. eg Is it visble when it affects your behaviour and those behavioural chnages are noticable to (a) people you know very well, (b) people you know; or (c) people in general? Or does it have to affect regularly repeated standard phsyical actiosn like walking or doe it have to be visible even when at rest? Sorry, was rambling.

Soemoen responed to my article to say that she knew she had come to accept her scleroderma when she dreamt of herself with it. I gues it raises the question of how we present ourselves to ours3lves as opposed to others (including through art. lit etc).

anyways, keep us posted please.

Nd hope infection clears up quickly.


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sorry so many typos. I blame it on ethe blurred double vision!

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