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Just diagnosed with sleep apnoea (updated 6th jan 2018)

Just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea....knew I sounded like a warthog at night and my husband has refused to sleep in the same bed or room as me since 2008 when I was diagnosed with restless legs and put on Mirapexin. 9 yeats later just found having been referred to sleep clinic after a chance chat with the doctor about my snoring and I find l stop breathing as well.

Life was on the turn having been discharged having had an overactive thryoid. High blood pressure contolled, beginning to wean myself off anti depressants after awful time being bullied at work, intolerable working conditions and expectations escalating since 2012 resulting in panic attacks, depression, heart palpitations, loss of confidence and difficulty leaving the house.

I'm told I will sound more like Darth Vader when I get my mask on 19th and hopefully will be allowed to drive again, as travelling around for work with heavy loads on public transport is not proving easy as I get vertigo and have had a number of falls have lost my balance.

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Good luck with the msk! Be aware that it will take getting used to. What kind are you getting?

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Hi Jess thank you for the reply. Don't know what sort of mask until I go on 19th. I think I remember them saying they have several and it was a case of trying them and seeing whuch suited me best.


Oh, I see. You are having a sleep study with a mask on? When I had mine, they had to wake me up a few times to change mask types. The 3rd mask (the nasal pillow) was the one that opened my airway.

Good luck!


Now had the machine and mask (one going over mouth and under nose) for 2 and a half weeks. It hasn't become my new best friends in fact my enemy except for last 2 nights.

I've had a very dry throat, and for last week and a half a cough which makes me choke and unable to breathe and a bunged up nose. Consequently trying to wear the mask has given me claustrophobia, panic attacks and even less sleep - worst night 39, 54 and 46 minutes of sleep only the first spell of sleep with the machine.

Last two nights have been much better. 106 and 47 minutes with the machine. And last night, 89, 105, 96 with mask.

Things are looking up.


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