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Combination insomnia and sleep apnea

Hello, I am new on this site; my sleep diagnosis has been insomnia and sleep apnea for years. I tried three different cpap masks/machines and they were all too intrusive or noisy for me to use, I also used the mouth appliance with little success. For my insomnia they prescribed Trazadone and that also help some. The bottom line is that my sleep quality is still bad and I used to get about 4.5 hrs of sleep time when I was using Trazadone, my new sleep doctor took me off of it and now I am getting even less sleep. I don't know what to do anymore, they are issuing me a new smaller cpap mask and a quieter machine hoping it will work. Any suggestions or comments?

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Hi there and welcome! This particular community seems awfully quiet compared to the Restless Leg one I'm part of, but hopefully some more people will chime in to support you instead of just me.

I have no experience with Trazadone (is that a sleep aid?), but I can share your CPAP experience with you. Those machines are hard to get used to, huh? I just wish there were other non-surgical options out there for those who (for some reason or other) have a hard time with CPAPs.

I have awful sleep quality as well, so I'm decreasing some medications, and have recently noticed a change for the better. I'm wondering if you are on anything that could be hindering your sleep? Also, the amount of meds. can profoundly affect sleep. I was (up until recently) over-medicated (according to me and my family), and that can be dangerous.

I know you are getting a new CPAP, but am just wondering if they've considered a BiPAP for you? I'm going to ask about one of these for myself because I've heard that these adjust the pressure accordingly (instead of it having to be changed manually as with CPAPs). Anyway, just a thought. I just started reading "The Sleep Solution" by W. Chris Winter, MD. Pretty fascinating read so far.

Take care,


Thx for replying, yes the cpap machine I’m getting adjusts automatically. Unfortunately I’m a recent kidney transplant receipient and I am on lots of medications and you are probably right about the meds I’ll ask my sleep doctor to see what he recommends. Trazadone is a medication normally used for depression so it helps you relax so you can sleep better. Thanks again for responding.

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Hi, Like you I was given a manual CPAP machine and it was horrible! The automatic version adjusts as needed through the night - mine usually varies between pressures from 7 - 14 (the manual version was set at 9 so sometimes I got the right amount but most of the time I didn't!).

Also talk to whoever is supplying about mask types - there are a lot of different types (and sizes) - they are never as comfortable as not wearing one but, if you persevere, you might just find one you can get on with.

Good luck


Thank you. I’m still waiting for my new equipment. Does the CPAP equipment aliviates insomnia as well?


Hi tenista, I'm not sure, Mine was supplied for OSA (stopped breathing 29 times per hour on average) so never got a decent sleep so constantly tired.

Since using CPAP, after some time of using it, I sleep well and wake [fairly] refreshed.


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