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So I struggle with Insomnia, but usually I just deal with the persistent disrupted sleep part of it. My problem is that a few nights ago I went to bed around 10PM and woke up at 4AM for work. I took a three hour nap at 4PM yesterday and I haven't slept at all throughout the night. I feel anxiety kicking in and paranoia. I get paid to help my sister take care of her kids from 5AM-2PM, I am scared that I will hallucinate (my eyes have already been playing tricks on me) or that this lack of sleep will physically harm me.

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hi, you have got yourself into such a spin. worrying about not getting enough sleep is probably more of an issue than the amount you actually get. seems that a more up-to-date approach is if you can't sleep, don't try to force it, don't toss and turn and don't lie there worrying. get up, go and do something, get a book or a magazine and start boring yourself to drowsy. your body will relax and eventually you will nod off. don't be anxious about it as that just sabotages your natural tiredness. if a lack of sleep is harmful, god help me then! my youngest when she was a baby never slept all night, woke my other two frequently and I can honestly say I didn't know what a good night's sleep looked like! I told my mum that I wanted 'a lie-in at last' on my grave stone! lol.


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