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Giving up sleeping pills


Currently on Zopiclone (7.5 mg) would really like to give them up, they are beginning to lose their effectiveness, but don’t know if I am strong enough, I look at like something is better than nothing.


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I took zolpidem for years, as it got less affective I took more which was not good. The gp switched me to temazepam and have been on that for a year now. Ideally I would like to not take anything but that ain’t gonna happen. The temazepam dosent make me feel woozy and doped up as the zolpidem did and I feel I have less broken sleep with them also.

catman68 in reply to Angel46

Hi Angel46

Did you have any side effects from coming of the Z? What strength of temazepam are you taking

Angel46 in reply to catman68

I went straight from one to the other and can’t remember there being much an issue with the swap and I was taking double the recommended dosage of zolpidem. I take 10mg of temazepam, occasionally I have to take an extra 5 but not often .

Hi how long you been on these.i was on for 8 weeks 7.5 every reference for sleepstation through doctors its a on line 7 week sleep hygiene course v Good if in UK.then pick a night not to have zopiclone as was worried about stopping and not sleeping.only got a couple of hrs so next night gad one then gradually ween off.i still sometimes get terrible sleep but deal with it without zopiclone.i still have some for dire cases if needed good luck I know what its like just to worry about not getting any sleep.

catman68 in reply to welly10

Hi Welly10

Been on them about 3 months, to try and negate my severe tinnitus, live in the UK, they are not working as well now leaving me stressed and feeling anxious just right for T. Sleep hygiene course? Not heard of it, how do you get on it?

welly10 in reply to catman68

Ask doctor to get referred for it its about sleep hygiene and good practices and your patterns they tailor ghd course to what they think will help

I went off zopiclone recently after using it every night for 3 years (7.5 mg). I had one panic attack. I couldn't fall asleep at night for a week or two. I ended up sleeping during the day. Then I decided to stay up all night and day and take melatonin 3mg. I've been sleeping pretty well since then. I had no choice but to stop the zopiclone my doctor took me off of it.

Shayna1980 in reply to vballgirl

You are lucky. I’m really glad things have been ok for you.

Hi Catman,

I’m currently on week 3 of CBTi and it’s really helping. The doctor prescribed trazadone for sleep, but I refused to take it as I think it’s strange to take a pill to do something that should be so natural and that it covers up the real reason for insomnia.

Anyway, instead I took things like 5HTP and magnesium glycine.

Look into CBTi as it’s success rate is better than sleep meds. Also if you can read the the books Say Goodnight To Insomnia and Set It & Forget It. I hope some of this will help you.

I took them for 2 years and have had a hell of a time getting off them. I was given Valium to wean off zop now I have to wean off Valium. Getting 0-3 hrs sleep a night. Get off them as soon as u can. Eventually they will lose their effectiveness and u will have to take more. I reduced by taking 1/8 of a tab less every 2 weeks.

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