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Central Sleep Apnea - Symptoms?

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Hi all, I'm just looking for a bit of information.

I've been suffering with a lot of symptoms over the past 4-6 months, with a newfound breathing problem probably the worst of the lot.

As a sort of.. knock-on effect from that I've developed a problem where I feel as if I've stopped breathing as I'm falling asleep. It's always literally as I'm dropping off, as if my brain completely shuts down the breathing process or forgets to keep it going.

This has been occurring now for about 3-4 months. That I know of. I visited my local GP and spoke with a nurse there about it. She was quite dismissive because I couldn't tell her for sure whether it was happening throughout the night.

All I can say is that, when it's worst it does happen about 6-10 times as I'm falling asleep. I can't say for certain if it happen throughout the night but I've read that people with various forms of sleep apnea can wake up multiple times through the night without even realising.

I also regularly wake up feeling 'hungover' and with a headache, or a pain in my forehead and neck. This is something I've experienced for years and always felt it was neurological.

Any thoughts?

PS. I should add that the reason I've specified central sleep apnea is because having read up on both, I feel it's more of a complete shut down in breathing, as opposed to obstruction of airways.

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I am not a doctor or a health worker, but I was born with sleep apnea, and it took 57 years to get a diagnoses.However this should not happen nowadays, the nurse you spoke to I can,t understand why your symptoms were ignored,go see a Doctor A S P. I had headaches for years, and at one time every day for about 2 years, extreme tiredness, confusion of thought, and more. This is a dangerous condition to leave undiagnosed, do not be fobbed off by anyone.

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DaveT81 in reply to Lybra

Thanks Lybra, I've become very frustrated with my NHS surgery, they're very dismissive and usually put everything down to anxiety and suggest speaking to a professional.

I'm going to have to bring it up with a doctor soon though, as it's becoming so disruptive. The morning feeling wouldn't be so bad if I actually had a reason to feel like that (i.e. a drinking binge night before!).

Hi DaveT81 i have chest problems so my Dr got me to see a Chest Dr NHS , There i was asked to do a sleep study , then i was told ihad Sleep Apnea i did wait a couple of months for the Machine (Cpap) , But once got i get all the help i need from NHS , you may like to go down Sleep Study route there you'll know one way or other, take care Season Greetings

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