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What do you use for Dry Mouth and the side effects of dry mouth?

Because of the dry mouth I also tend to get many mouth ulcers, sore throat, sore gums and discomfort associated with dental work. I have been using Difflam Oral Rinse (Benzydamine hydrochloride) for the past few years. I use it as a rinse twice a day (rinse and gargle for around 40 seconds). I have found that it does stop pain and swelling and also helps with mouth ulcers.

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sage tea to gargle and rinse, the mouth helps, natural yoghurt held in the mouth for 5 mins helps,liquid zinc called nano zinc is very good for healing and preventing ulcers and also Biotene mouthwash and mouth moisturising gel will help prevent caries in the teeth, and help with the health of the gums, sore throat all the things i have mentioned will help and Ricadene linctus 5 mls once a day will ease the throat


Added to the excellent last post I also use Saliva Orthana Lozenges. Pop one in whenever mouth feels dry. Also Vismed individual eye drops are very good for eyes.


I have been given an 'artificial salivia' spray, which helps. Have had a dry tickly cough for months and one spray of this helps immediately


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