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Salivary gland biopsy?

I am under investigation for sjogrens, I have a speckled ana, slightly dry mouth, painful gums and teeth and my eyes are very sensitive to light. My neurologist has asked me to have a biopsy and I wanted to ask what experience any of you have had with this procedure? How large the incision is? And healing time? Scarring?

I am sceptical about having the procedure as the consultant is not sure I have sjogrens but said this was the gold standard way of ruling this out. I already have coeliac and small fibre neuropathy. Any advice would be appreciated! (UK)

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I had a lip biopsy to confirm SS it was nothing a tiny cut & 2 stitches that came out next day healed no problems fast , it was the only thing that confirmed SS for me and would recomend !! x just like going to dentist


Oh that doesn't sound too bad lellydee, I had googled and read how people had numbness for months after which I didn't like the sound of! Your experience sounds a positive one. Thanks x


They do warn you about numbness ,I guess cause they have to !! but it didnt put me off at all and everything was fine just a tine pin prick and numb for a few hours that ware off just like dentist

good luck !!


Oh thats good to hear. Not having it until feb 6th and am already getting anxious...obviously i shouldn't :0)



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