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Does anyone know of a Sjogrens friendly dentist in South Brisbane. My GP said I need to find one before any more of my teeth break off, my dentist was aware of Sjogrens & I have called 4 now but none have even heard of it.

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  • I have dental trays that you put tooth mousse + in at night. I think it helps though not as miraculous as promised. One day we must all 3 meet for coffee at a spot and time suitable for all. I do the buses and trains Southside .

  • Sounds good to me, I'm new to this never even heard of Sjogrens or fibromyalgia 18 mo this ago.

  • I have been recommended tooth mousse too but my dentist says that it requires enough saliva to work and saliva production decreases while asleep so I should use it while awake. With the catch that nothing can be drank or eaten for an hour or two would be better. If your saliva is low that might be why it isn't living up to your expectations. (I have not been good enough at following those directions to vouch for the product).

    I like my dentist's knowledge of Shogren's and dry month and would recommend him but he is in Petrie on the north side.

  • When I first used it the dental Hygeinist noticed a difference but still hefty dental bills for fillings. The dental trays at night with the tooth mousse plus has reduced the amount of fillings. Took a while to kick in. I rinse the trays with water first to make the mousse go further. Probably adds moisture to my mouth. Jay 73 and self have done coffee x 1. Would you be interested? Probably not immediately. Did you end up finding a Rheumatologist?

  • Rhuemotogist Martin Deveraux at Sunnybank confirmed GP's fibro diagnosis & was going to see him but in one of Bev's videos she mentioned immunologist preference over Rhuemotogist. My GP wants me to see ophthalmologist on the Gold Coast as I feel my eyes sticking to my eyelids & find a dentist that knows about Sjogrens as I had half my back tooth break off before Christmas & Ive never had dental problems before, only got 4 filling from 20 years ago. Doesn't seem to be any dentist's that know about Sjogrens apart from Wickham Terrace & don't want to pay those prices.

  • My dentist takes an interest and stocks some product. Bad memories of going to another dentist and getting Alcohol mouth rinse! I am in another group..may try and get help...area . . .Southside?

  • I'm in Kuraby near Mt Gravatt

  • Sounds like a good tooth mousse process. I am tempted to get some trays because I don't like the flavour having it the way I was told to use it. Coffee would be good some time.

    I returned to my old rheumatologist Dr Vecchio. I hadn't seen him is around 9 years.

  • Will cost! . . About? $400. Less if you have your own plaster casts. Haven't explored the Denture guy! Shop around. I buy mousse in bulk from dentist but can get on line.

  • Wednesday the 8th March for coffee a goer?

  • My mum has sjogrens as well and has been going to a dentist at Mansfield for many years. She gets her tooth mousse etc from him. Might be worth a try.

  • That's good to know, I'm in Kuraby so not far from me.

  • Hi, do you know if the Dentist you mentioned is called Aminya St Dental as can only see this one in Mansfield

  • That would be the one.

  • Hi,

    I just attended the dentist you recommend & he amazingly saved my half a tooth, was very gentle, kept stopping for me & said my mouth not too bad yet but recommended some things I could do but no hard sell & very reasonably priced given I was there for over an hour. So Thank you. Karen

  • Does it tend to run in families

  • The ADA used to run a system where dentists went on call to answer enquiries and complaints. If you rang and stated that a dentist was charging $$$ for something they would recommend that you get a second opinion in your area and give you a few names. I don't know if the system is still operational. Seems you have a dentist so is irrelevant info. A family go to a Taringa dentist...bit far for you.

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