Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Hi all, I was diagnosed with SS earlier this year and to tell you the truth it was a relief to actually have a reason for the multitude of symtoms i have had over a 2 yr period. I didnt realise exactly how dry my eyes and mouth were until I was diagnosed and treatment began. I also have Rheumetoid Arthritis and chronic fatigue.

But recently I started having eye problems, I woke up one morning with my left eye glued shut and very swollen, my first though CONJUNTIVITIS! But no I have Iritis....... it took a lot of Dr and Optomitrist visits but finally this was the outcome. Since this began I now have sensitivity to light especially sunlight, I cannot go outside without a hat and sunglasses even when its overcast.

Has anyone else had this issue? I would love to hear if anyone has nay other suggestions apart from the steroid eye drops, hat and sunglasses.

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  • Yes I have. I use Sistane drops every 2-3 hours and have also found steaming your face and eyes over a bowl of water helps.

  • Hi, thanks for that, I have Systane but I also use Therra Tears Liquid during the day as they are in seperate ampules that you can recap them and Therra Tears Gel of a night as its a bit thicker and helps minimise any stuck eyes in the morning.

  • I also have big problems with my eyes, more being very dry than sticking together. I swear by thera tears, i go thru 16 boxes a month and have a special script to get the boxes for the price of 1 script. I also now wear wrap around cycling glasses which is the best thing I have ever done for protection against the elements. The glasses are called the "Rudy Project" which you will see on the net. I hope some of this will be helpful to you, good luck.....

  • Hi I recently came back from a seminar on SS at the Auckland Hospital New Zealand. A guest speaker ( an eye surgeon) explained the three levels that tears are made of and it is the oily part that clogs up. He said to apply a hot flannel to your eyelids (eyes shut) in the morning when you wake up for a minute or so. This helps the oily secretion release more. I also gently work aqueous cream (or any mild moisturisor cream) around my eyelashes at night and have found this helps a lot. Also to the person who recommended OraMd for a dry mouth. Thank you for this hint. I am now using this. Had to work out what suited me re its application but now get a better sleep (not being woken in the night with a drymouth) and don't have a furry mouth or teeth in the morning. Seems to keep a small saliva covering in my mouth on into the morning when chewing etc keepts that more activated anyway.

    Good luck its all trial and error and very individual on this SS walk that we are on. Cheers

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