The Australian Sjögren's Syndrome Association

diagnosed in January 2012

Hi everyone I have only recentley learned that I have Sjogrens soon after learning I also had fibromyalgia.I have been on thier forum since febuary nd have only just found this one.I still don`t have a good understanding of Sjogrens and need to learn more.Only really know about eye`s and mouth.But could I have had it in my 30`s and it be an exsplanation for missgarieges all at the same time and in the same way?

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It is common for people to have Sjogrens 6 to 8 years before it is diagnosed.

Sjogrens affects the digestive system first so you need to take a digestive enzyme with each meal, it affects the parasympathetic nervous system the capillaries and the connective tissue in the body which is in all our organs including the skin which is the largest organ in the body.


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