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Blurry eyes


I wanted ask if it was normal for your eyes to deteriorate slightly, I was diagnosed in UK in December then GP, optician & dentist here in Brisbane confirmed in January but Rheumatologist won't confirm as bloods negative but I am having trouble focusing & also started with reflux & a cough, is this normal with Sjogrens ?

Immunologist started me on Dapsone to help unexplained intensely itchy red rash & haven't had a rash for 13 days now, haven't previously gone more than 6 days in 18months. He did say might improve joint pain & exhaustion but hasn't & wanted to ask if anyone else taking Dapsone.

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I don't know about deterioration, but Sjogrens is all about dry mucus membranes and that means that without lots of drops and some other medications your corneas can get scratched which of course means that your eyesight is not as clear. I've never taken Dapsone though.. Sorry I can't help there

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it is happen yes , you need to rad more a bout it .


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