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Hello friends, i have been having a LOT of strong symptoms of hypothyroidism since taking latuda, i always symptoms but never heard of hypothyroidism, i get panel Wednesday, but i also started having symptoms i had NO clue about, i am the dryest person in the 🌎 especially hands lipsvand nose and special place 😕, i looked into diabetes insipidus, and my sodium is on point shy of tge normal range, does anyone have any advice? I do live in the USA but I've always wanted to see Austria,

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  • I was told sodium makes do diff in diabetes insipidus, but i do have one comment on this, after getting PND and random bouts of thick stuck mucus in my sinuses, ENT said its allergies, so i tried flonase and i got sooooooo dry it felt like everything in my upper respiratory area was rock hard, it drove me insane, then they gave me an antihistamine, and i got a severe sinus infection, whats that about?? Any advice would be super, thanks.

  • Have you been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome? The symptoms sound more like Sjogren’s

  • It all sounds like symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome. Have you been diagnosed with Sjogren's?

  • No i have not, I'm having trouble getting help, my insurance changed so now i am getting all new Dr s hopefully someone can help figure out whats wrong with me, i had to go to ER i did find out potassium was 3.0 but when i asked even to check my thyroid all they did was a free t4, nothing else, wouldnt even check my vitamin levels even tho potassium was so low, what specialist do i see for Sjogrens? Same as thyroid? Is that an endocrinologist? I have to find one soon! Desperate! Thanks so much!

  • You can have all the symptoms of Sjogren's 6, 8 or 10 years before it shows up in a blood test, you can ask your GP for a full blood count and a urine test make sure that there is no UTI'S and protein and blood in the urine Sjogren's effects the kidneys, the blood test you need to look at if your anemic, iron levels, B12, Albumon and if you can get a liver function test if you can find out if your liver, kidneys and bladder are ok you can than rule out Sjogren's attacking them , it's all a process of elimination but all those could be the reason for your symptoms and take Olive Leaf Extract for your sinuses and Black Seed Oil for your immune system you can look up the benefits on Google.

  • I had blood and urine done today, not sure what to look for in blood but there's still trace protein in my urine, cool, thanks!

  • Did you have a Urinary Track Infection? Is your bladder ok? And did he check your kidneys?

  • I don't believe i have a UTI and just got done on 5days of levaquin for sinus infection... No i don't believe they checked my kidneys but I'm not sure how they check, blood? I have my labs from the ER

  • They did urinalysis too

  • You just have to be vigilant Sjogren's attacks the kidneys and they start leaking protene into the urine, you can get a kidney test kit from the chemist and keep an eye on it.

  • Will be seeing a new Dr soon, will definitely bring the results and have her look. Thanks!

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