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Hi. Just wanted to say I had a great appointment with a wonderful lady at a optician in southport Gold Coast yesterday. I had a stream goggles treatment with manual expression of my glands in my eyes that were really blocked up. She really gave me confidence that she could make it better.

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  • Hi louise , its great you have found something thing thats helping . I just use drops but i have been tempted to try heated eye masks .

  • Hi Louise - I have a great optician too. He says there are three different types of dry eye problem going on with me. The one that he's treating most is Mybomean Gland Disease (MGD). This is where the oil we are meant to produce through these glands becomes thick and the glands get all blocked so heat pads are used to help soften them and straight afterwards you massage the front of eyelid and lower lid to get the oil production easier. He did say to me that this MGD isn't directly related to Sjögren's - but left untreated it will make the Sjögren's dry eyes worse.

    I use the heat pads and massage every day for 20 minutes and it really helps me.

  • Exactly what I was told too. I do have the heated eye mask for at home but this was much better.

  • Sounds great - is she doing steam goggle thing regularly then? I do the heated eyepads and massage every day for 20 minutes and see the optician every few months to check on progress. Gone from 25% oil production to 75% over about 5 months.

  • She recommended 3 treatments in a row 2 to 3 weeks apart to see if it helped

  • This is available at QUT Dry Eye clinic in Brisbane but you need to pre book as they have to set it up. There is a charge...I think about $35 . I have not had it.

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