LUPUS NEPHRITIS - stage 4 (kidneys)

LUPUS NEPHRITIS - stage 4 (kidneys)

I went to the doctor (kidney specialist) in December and he told me I was recovering but I would never be off my medication. 8 weeks later (and 5 of those weeks I was taking Black Seed Oil) I had another appointment and the doctor said I had completely recovered! He was amazed - he said you were dying - I thought you might recover a bit but not fully recover - he said I can now start weaning you off the medication. I said - you said I would never get off the medication - he said I lied because I didn't think you would recover fully. My protein in the urine had gone from 4000 to 1 -, my inflammation levels were 295 - now 7 - and I'm not anemic anymore and my iron levels were perfect.

Thank you Black Seed Oil. Bev

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  • Bev - what extraordinary news!

    Anaemia has featured large in my life so this sounds like a plan for me. Had never heard of black seed oil, so I'll do my homework. Thanks, & so darn pleasing to hear you're coming along really well. You've been a guiding light to many of us for such a long time.



  • Amazing

  • HI Beverly, that's such an amazing outcome for your health. I want to try it too. I have had high inflammation for at least 25 years but after many investigations, no diagnosis. My ESR has settled at 40 now but at it's highest 67.

    I want to ask if it's ok for me to take because I don't want to burdon my liver further because I have hepatitis B. No medication for hep b yet.

  • That's incredible ,and great news. Glad to hear about progress and thank you for the link. I am 3 years of anemia, 2 years low sodium ....definitely going to look at the link.

  • Can't see on the bottle the dosage . What's recommended?

  • 2.5mls once or twice a day. If your on blood thinners once a day.

  • I have another update on Black Seed Oil, my boarder got the flue 7 days ago really sick, coughing, sneezing and blowing all over the house, Guess What, I didn't get it , thank you Black Seed, anyone with any illness needs to be on this. Amazing.

  • Hi Bev can I ask if the oil has given you any moisture back or relieved some of the dryness?. I was reading that shifa means healing and good health and that the nigella seed is considered to be prophetic medicinein Islam. Apparently able to cure most things except death! I've purchased it but am currently on two lots of thinners and been advised to wait until I finish them in few weeks. X

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