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Hi I am new have been diagnosed with Sjogrens for 2 years. I am 61 have suffered with dry eyes dry mouth pressure in throat and glans but now the aches and pain in my back, and legs is unbearable is this part of this condition. Please Help.

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  • Hi billy, if these are mew symptoms to you , you should see your rheumy . Joint pain can be due to sjogrens ( i have pains in hands , feet and hips ) but it's worth checking its not due to something else . 🌸

  • Hi weather an and thank you for your advise. I will check into what is going on. Glad I have found this website as can relate to a lot of the posts and I don't feel so isolated. I don't know of anyone else with sjogrens so will be good to stay in touch😊

  • Hi! I am in Australia and have had Sjögrens for about 10 years. The Eyes and mouth are a big problem. My muscle problems are not in the same league as others.

  • Yes it is Sjogren's has the ability to mimic different diseases in your case it could be mimicking Arthritis try taking a really good anti oxidant as in Grapeseed tablets or Black Seed Oil helps with pain.

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