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Swollen red nose

Hi looking for some advice on this ongoing symptom. I have diagnosed CFS but they are now looking at sjogrens. My nose has become swollen on tip and red around nostrils it just feels stiff very dry dry dry.

My GP doesn't seem very worried has just put it down to another symptom. I have asked to see ENT

consultant and have apt in about 8weeks. I'm worried it could be an infection, forgot to mention she thinks its rosacea can that make your nose feel stiff and uncomfortable it sort of comes and goes.

Thx TT

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Rosacea did it for me and treatment made it worse. Also have symptoms of Sjogrens but not the antibodies so still not certain.Aileen


Tyhx Aileen my doc has said Rosacea on a couple of occasions but it just seems red and sort of stiff under the nostrils looks red to as though ive burnt it no spots or pitting although my mother did suffer with rosacea interesting? thx tt


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