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Sjogren Samples for validation Study


SBH Diagnostics, a Massachusetts CLIA Lab is offering pilot testing of Sjogren’s Samples from whole blood.

SBH Diagnostics, Inc. has a novel blood test for Sjogren’s syndrome. The SBH Diagnostic test is called EASy-Sjogren’s (Early, Accurate and Sensitive). Up to now there has been no single test that can be used to make a definitive diagnosis of Sjögren’s Syndrome in its early stages. The EASy-Sjogren’s Test is designed to provide results within 72 hours of receipt of a blood sample.

The EASy-Sjogren’s test is based upon quantifying altered Post Translational Modifications (PTMs - phosphorylation’s) of selected proteins from patients with Sjogren's syndrome. SBH Diagnostics will develop and commercialize the Sjogren’s syndrome test under CLIA regulation and will offer it to clinicians, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that desire more accurate Sjögren’s Syndrome diagnosis, clinical trials management, and pre-clinical therapeutic development.

For further information please contact:

Marvin A. Collin

VP Business Development

SBH Diagnostics

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i am interested were abouts is this at


I live in Asia - can you test from Malaysia?


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