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Flatulence: Manners vs. Embarassment vs. TMI

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I have had bowel incontinence since 2016. After unsuccessful physical therapy, I have found some success with a sacral nerve stimulator. What hasn't improved, however, is flatulence.

I am at a loss as to what I should do when I am passing gas in a social/work situation. Sometimes it can be frequent, as in every time I stand up, I will pass gas. No odor usually, just that loud enough sound.

Do I say "Excuse me." Again and again and again?

Do I just ignore it and move on with my mortification?

Do I explain "I'm sorry. I have a health condition and I can't control this"? To which someone undoubtedly feigns ignorance to my plight. So, I'm assuming they are now embarrassed that I have confessed too much and drawn attention to the issue.

What should I do in these awkward situations?

2 Replies
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If you truly can't control it, let it rip.Explain the situation with as little information as possible. It happens to the best of us.

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I agree with the other comment. If needed, a very brief explanation, otherwise just let it happen. We all have this happen to us from time to time for different reasons. I think most people are willing to ignore it when it occurs to someone else as we have all had it happen to us.

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