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Incontinence clamps

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After having prostate surgery I have been incontinent for over a year. I have been using diapers and pads, but have just been suggested t try an incontinence clamp. I would like to hear from anyone out there who has experience with them. Which ones are recommended and why? What tips do you have regarding its use? When do you use them? All the time, or on special occasions, or while doing certain things? Like which? Please also add whatever other advice you want to give. Thank you so much.

15 Replies
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Have you tried something less intrusive like an incontinence wrap? One example is the QuickChange If you are a Veteran, this is available through the VA CMOP program. It is also available directly from the Medline, the company or Walmart.

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Iupiter in reply to MMHB1

Thank you MMHB1. I had never heard of something like this. I notice that their flier talks about bedridden or wheelchair patients, which is not my case. I wonder if it can be used while walking and being active. I´ll take a deeper look into it. Thanks again!

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It is not the greatest for ambulatory patients or people with very strong urine streams. At night, it is perfect for many needs and for transport as well. They have a number of how to use video and explanations for special situations on their website.

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I am an active golfer. My urologist suggested the Cunningham clamp. It is easily adjustable and works fairly well. The catheter can be worn for about 2 hours, then loosened to void.

Unfortunately, I found that it felt "achey" after an hour or so. If I loosened it, I found it slipped off when I picked up my ball. I also tried external catheters. I found that either they slipped off, or the adhesive was difficult to remove.

I finally settled on Tena Super pads and Abena Abri Fix underwear (holds pads quite tight). I set a 3 hr reminder to change the pads.

At night I use Depends Real Fit diapers with anti-fungal powder (Desenex).

I came to all the conclusions after spending many hours reading this website and thank all who contribute.

Hope this helps

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Iupiter in reply to Cinderal

Thank you Cinderal. I was not aware of the "specialty"pads and diapers you mentioned. I have been using the standard ones from Depend, Tena, or Amazon. I'll look for them the next time I need to restock, as it seems we are both in the same 3-hour-per-pad boat. The Abena Abri Fix looks very useful for my case. Didn't know this type of thing existed. Thanks again for the recommendations.

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I chose the Lunderg Confidence Clamp because the bottom pad is encased instead of covered and because there is only 1 pointed piece that fits in one of 4 holes. (You can see it in the link below).

It states to release and readjust every 1-2 hours. I mainly wore it when leaving the house because I hated the feeling of getting out of my vehicle and release into my pad / pullup.

DO NOT WEAR OVER NIGHT. Also if you are doing penial rehab (cialis, pump, shots), you probably will progress to the larger size (the part that increases in the bump in the bottom piece. The set comes with all 3 sizes. I closed to the second click - look at the link and you will understand

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Iupiter in reply to thudson1965

Thank you thudson. I can very much relate to the feeling of getting out of your car and feeling the release into the pad. Uff! What you use and recommend looks very interesting. Thanks again.

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Another unique clamp is the Pacey Cuff - which you might wish to consider. It is supposed to avoid some of the adverse effects of other clamps and it was designed by a urologist.

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Iupiter in reply to incon1982

Thank you incon. This cuff looks very interesting. I think I may give it a try. More expensive than others, but it seem the difference is well worth it. Regards

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incon1982Partner in reply to Iupiter

Sometimes the extra $$ is worth it. Feel free to call and talk to them first. I am sure they would be happy to answer questions and try to make sure this product will work for you.

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Give men's liberty a call. They have products similar to a leg bag. I looked into it a few years ago, and decided that wasn't for me.

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Iupiter in reply to bedwetter669

Thanks bedwetter! I am sure this isn't for me either. Definitely not. I wish you the best in your struggle, wherever it may be.

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I have had urinary incontinence due to diabetic neuropathy since 2014. I've managed very well with diapers and booster pads since then. My go-to products are the Abena Abri-Form Plus L4's. They are very comfortable and absorbent - no problem with odor or leaks. I simply could not imagine pinching my genitals with a clamp! Sounds extremely uncomfortable and painful. I prefer more natural solutions imho. I believe strongly in solutions that provide comfort, ease of use, dignity, and leak protection for incontinence. Perhaps, if your diapers are subpar, particularly if they're insurance-provided, you might want to try Abena. They've never let me down. Best of luck in your search to manage your incontinence. Be safe.

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Iupiter in reply to DiaperedMan53

Thank you DM! I have been using Depends and Tenas and in general have gotten along well with them. I read about clamps many times but, just like you, could not imagine myself pinching my penis that way. Now, since a PFM therapist suggested trying a clamp , I decided to seek put so,me opinions in this community before even trying to pinch myself. I'm still up in the air whether to give one a try, it still scares me. I'll look into the Abena you recommend. All the best to you.

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Thank you! You as well, be safe. (Depends? ugh it's like putting a tissue on imho lol)

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