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throwing used adult briefs away discreetly

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Throwing away adult diapers - wet and soiled - every day for five years is going to get noticed by an apt. building. And all those boxes of diapers and wipes - a few of which are obvious make it clear that it's me. I can see that there's a trash compactor in the garbage room. Are the used pads crushed like in a dump truck - only to have the mess and urine come out like I've see in a dumptruck?

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I don't think using a trash compactor in a community garbage room is probably a good idea. Do you use an opaque plastic bag that hides the contents? Do you use one with an odor barrier? If yes, these should help mask what's inside, and heavy duty ones are available from online retailers of incontinence products, such as OdorNo Heavy Duty Odor Barrier Disposal Bags, 2 Gallon size (in the USA).

Does anyone else have some good suggestions on disposal of products?

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i carry the stuff and dispose elsewhere wrapped in whatever plastic bag i can get hold of. untouched for a while the odor does not spread. i have this problem prinarily at work. ive learned to contain fairly well from morning when i arrive til 5 or 6 in in the evening in a plastic bag in my bag. not perfect but i dont think i have been infringing on other people’s air. at home i place it in a plastic shopping bag in the kitchen garbage. i believe my methods almost always keep it securely disguised. the new stuff i order on line sometimes is fairly obvious when it arrives. the doorman could figure it out, but if i am remaining unnoticed un smelled with the used stuff, i think/hope its ok.

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Most companies are happy to ship in plain brown or white boxes with no identification as to product on the outside. If this is not offered when you order, request it! They are usually very helpful this way, and understand that your postal person or neighbors don't need to know what you are receiving. :-)

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Usually I get a plain brown box. Once in a while I receive a detectable package. It's not perfect. Or maybe I should switch companies. But I think I found the two with the products I use at the best prices.

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24/7 confidry are so heavy and the box is so long that it has arrived damaged with the contents visible.

try They are cheap, have sales a lot and their boxes don't say anything except in very small print AllegroMedical as return address.

I throw diapers away in regular trash - bowel and bladder

I wear white plain ones so they look like baby diapers

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